Berlin Radiation Measuring Station

In addition to many other environmental factors, radioactive radiation in Berlin is also monitored and evaluated. Comitatus has designed and developed an evaluation software for the Berlin radiation measuring station, which is maintained and adapted to the respective specifications.

One of the tasks of the radiation measuring station of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development is to determine the personal dose of exposed persons; i.e. the dose of radiation received by persons in their professional handling of radioactive substances, radiation sources or X-ray machines or in their work in nuclear facilities.
For this purpose, dosimeter probes sensitive to radiation are regularly issued to several thousand people, worn by these people at work on the body, taken back after exposure and evaluated.
The values determined are “official measured values” and must be documented and archived together with information on the persons exposed to radiation.

As part of the DosSys Part II project, Comitatus Software AG has designed and implemented interfaces and evaluation software for finger ring dosimeters, spectacle dosimeters, albedo dosimeters and phosphate glass dosimeters.
The modules were developed as a zero-client web application based on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE).