“We could go again ….”

who hasn’t said that to themselves many times? With a little planning, things look very different. While today people are quickly “doodling together” for an open-ended event, fixed dates are more difficult to implement. Such as.B. sporting events, which are often accompanied by a predetermined or fixed-booked period of time. Climbing hall, indoor football, badminton or tennis courts do not book themselves yet.

With BeSozial this is possible and we all have the smartphone in our hands all the time anyway. Whether visiting a museum or a concert – the app helps to make each other legs.

  • Once registered, regular training sessions can be organized with just a few clicks. Every Wednesday – no problem. The appointment is automatically repeated if necessary. And you never stand alone in front of the hall again.
  • The event shows how many want to come.
  • Groups can publicly display the activities as if on the bulletin board or only act privately, so that they can only see the members.
  • For open groups, beSozial offers the chance to win new members. Who didn’t want to go jogging, but so alone in the park in the evening? Maybe there is a running group nearby after all.
  • If an event is entered, a reminder can also be activated immediately, which automatically reports to all invitees.
  • And if it doesn’t work out, then an event can be cancelled and again everyone automatically gets the information.
  • For all those who use Facebook, it is even easier – Facebook does not have to be left at all.
  • Invitations also go out on Facebook. The interface is just as easy to use and can be added as a favorite in Facebook.